David Hansen (Chair):
Head of Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability (ESG /CSR) at Gambit H&K Norway. David worked as an account manager at Gambit’s public affairs department from 2006-2008. He is back working in this department, but is now set to lead our interdisciplinary practice on corporate responsibility and sustainability.

When David started working at Gambit, he had worked as political advisor to the Minister for International Development, Ms. Hilde F. Johnson (2001-2005) in the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. During his first two years he combined working at Gambit with a position as Special Advisor to the Secretary General of Strømme Foundation, a private development organization dedicated to microfinance and education. David continued in this position for two more years after having left Gambit (2006-2010). Thereafter, he worked as a Director at Civita – the liberal think tank in Norway, with a responsibility for international policy and human rights issues, as well as national and international relations.

David has studied law at the University of Oslo, and comes with a wide range of experience from both civil society, and private and public sector, such as the Oslo City Council, Østfold County Council, Halden Municipal Council, The Norwegian Christian Democrats and their youth organization, the European Movement in Norway and Youth of the European People’s Party. The latter is the youth organization associated with the EPP – the biggest party-political group in the European Parliament.

Anne Tone Hageland:
is head of culture and a music producer in Vest-Agder County. Previous work experience include teaching at AUC, being principal at a music school, being an organist, acting as head of culture in Åseral municipality, being a freelance musician, music teacher and conductor. Anne Tone Hageland has a Master of Arts in Block Flute from the conservatory with an MBA in Musicology, Intermediate in Education and a Minor in Christianity. Hageland has written her master's thesis on the folk traditions of Vest-Agder. She has served on various boards and committees both regionally and nationally.

Annbjørg Lien: 
is a full time musician. For 30 years she has contributed to promote Norwegian music and Norwegian culture both nationally and internationally. Through her album releases, tours and master classes Annbjørg have collaborated with musicians from different corners of the world, and found that folk music is a world language. www.annbjorglien.com

has an MBA in Management and has extensive experience as a leader in several businesses and organizations. He has worked extensively with branding, positioning, sales and creative marketing. He has been marketing Kristiansand Zoo, worked as communications manager at Strømme Foundation, and also has experience from travel agencies, as well as several board positions. In his current position at Mentor Partner, Trond works primarily with business development, communications and corporate social responsibility. Backer is currently hired out as a marketing director in the new theater and concert hall "Kilden”.

 Kristine S. Sødal:
is currently communications and marketing manager in Strømme Foundation. Sødal is a skilled teacher. She has worked in middle school and a brief period in high school, and has also experience as a financial advisor.

Sødal has been employed at Strømme Foundation since 2003. She started in a position associated with their youth exchange program, ACT Now. In 2007, she was hired as an advisor at the foundation’s head quarters in Kristiansand, and has since then worked specifically with schools and network building.

 Kjell Abildsnes:
has a MBA in Civil Engineering from NTH. He has worked in the interface between politics and administration in the county in various management positions for the past 30 years, first as a communications manager and currently as a regional manager in Vest-Agder County. Abildsnes has chaired various boards and committees, from Southern Hospitality to the building committee for the millennial anniversary for Vest-Agder County on Lindesnes. Many of these boards and committees have an international perspective.


AuthorCato Litangen