- As KLM and Skyteam represent the preferred airlines for most travelers with stakes in Africa, we foresee a long and growing partnership, says Cato Litangen, who is organizing the European branch of Imagine Africa.

KLM will promote the Imagine Africa banner, “the flag of imagination”, and introduce Imagine Africa on their Club Africa website. In addition Imagine Africa will share experiences and upcoming events at the Club Africa members’ site, to promote and gain exposure to African arts.

Besides of the business aspect, KLM Club Africa is highly focused on sustainability. Imagine Africa is an arts initiative with a lot to offer the KLM Club Africa members. Therefore we are convinced of the fit between KLM Club Africa and Imagine Africa.

Imagine Africa is an idea by the celebrated South-African writer, artist and director at the Goree Institute in Senegal, Breyten Breytenbach. The Institute gathered major parties within African arts and culture on Goree in March this year, supported by international organisations within culture and development. From the discussions it was suggested to run the Imagine Africa campaign.

By the force of exceptional artists and minds that see themselves as part of the whole world, not the “Third World,” a new African Image evolves. Imagine Africa contributes to this force of new imagination, by supporting contemporary African arts and culture.

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AuthorCato Litangen

Breyten BreytenbachThe founding father of Imagine Africa, Breyten Breytenbach, will be on Norwegian soil for his first time the 26th June. He is invited by Strømme Foundation for the Imagine Africa campaign. Breyten is booked for several duties. "Speaking the languages we don't understand" - about life in exile - "The islands of wind" - about the African Islands of special political importance - are two of the lectures we are looking forward to. Breytenbach will also do the formal opening of Internasjonalt Marked, celebrating cultural diversity - and the opening of the Imagine Africa campaign in Norway at the 29th.

AuthorCato Litangen