Ole Lislerud and his friendship with the African – Norwegian artist Samuel Olou from Togo and Ghana have now resulted in the exhibition: NORTH meets WEST. There are not that many points of interaction between West Africa and Norwegian art and culture. Based on this fact we hope that the project will create interest amongst artists and different focus groups in the ongoing change within the Norwegian society. The artists have been chosen based on their experience with international art projects and commitments.  

r. Samuel Sidibe at Musee National du Mali in Bamako will host the exhibition in the National Museum. Professor Abdoulaye Komate at the art academy in Bamako will host the workshops and seminars. The national Museum of Mali plays an important role in west Africa because it is one of the few instituins that has a profile promoting contemporary art. Furthermore the concept of the project is to host a similar workshop and exhibition in Oslo in 2011 in the new premises for the Oslo National Academy of The Arts at Seilduken at Grunnerløkka, and an exhibition of the work at Vigelandsmuseum in 2012.  

One of the most important aspects of the project NORTH meets WEST is the documentation and production of a catalogue. Video journalist Lene Midling Jensen is joining the project in Mali. The idea is that she will interview the artists and reflect on their motivation and goals for being part of a multi cultural art project. Photographer Anders Bergren who has done a number of art books will join the last week to document for a future publication.

Furthermore articles by journalists like Knut Olav Aamos, artcritics and scholars from the social sciences should be included presenting the art project North meets West, in a broader political, social and cultural context. The Oslo National Academy of The Arts will host the workshop and the seminar related to the opening exhibition in Oslo. This project will highlight the position of the academy in an interesting way as an important institution focussing not only on art but on the role of artists and continuous change of our multi cultural society.

The exhibition is showing in the National Museum in Bamako, Mali from 16 October - 30 November.

AuthorCato Litangen