At its cultural policy seminar and subsequent Steering Committee meeting in Nairobi in November 2009, it was agreed that Arterial Network would establish a number of in-country reading groups of 3-10 participants who would meet fortnightly (or at least monthly) for two hours to read about, debate and write responses to current international cultural discourses and themes.

The purpose of these reading groups is to develop greater understanding of these themes, to develop responses to these from within varying African conditions and to help to build African leadership in the ongoing debates.

Anyone interested in participating in – and in leading – such reading groups within their city or country, should write to by 5 February 2010, indicating which reading group theme they would like to engage with.

Reading groups will be structured around the following themes:
1.The cultural dimension of development: what is its relevance today?
2.Understanding the creative industries and its importance within Africa, particularly in the light of the Nairobi Plan of Action on Cultural Industries
3.Intellectual property rights within an African context
4.Climate change and its impact on culture, cultural diversity and culture and development
5.The UNESCO Convention on the Protection and Promotion of the Diversity of Cultural Expressions and its relevance to Africa
6.Intercultural dialogue, cultural diplomacy and its meaning for Africa
7.The Recommendation on the Rights and Status of the Artist and its applicability to African countries
8.Culture, the arts, human rights and democracy in the African context
9.Artists’ mobility within Africa and between Africa and other continents

Depending on the interest shown, the Secretariat – together with country representatives – will establish reading groups around these themes. Initial meetings of the group will debate a paper on the relevant theme commissioned by Arterial Network.
AuthorCato Litangen