It was agreed at the Arterial Network conference to establish a programme of monthly seminars around themes that would be discussed in countries around the continent. This would be both to inform the arts community and public about these themes, but also to develop responses to these and so feed into the reading groups. It is envisaged that by the end of 2010, substantial papers would have been developed on these themes that could be published by theArterial Network and represent its positions on these themes.

The agreed monthly themes resonate with the reading groups and are:

February: The cultural dimension of development and its relevance to Africa today

March: Understanding the Creative Industries and its importance – if any – to Africa

April: The Nairobi Plan of Action on Cultural Industries: a civil society response

May: Climate change and its relevance to culture, cultural diversity and culture and development

June: The UNESCO Convention on the Protection and Promotion of the Diversity of Cultural Expressions: Just another document?

July: Intellectual property rights, piracy and collective ownership within an African context

August: Intercultural dialogue and cultural diplomacy
Country representatives will work with partners in their country to host these monthly seminars. Introductory papers on these topics will be provided by the Cultural Policy Task Group.

Parties interested in hosting such seminars should contact their country representatives (see the list of country reps and their contact details on or send an email to

AuthorCato Litangen