The Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs supports Mimeta’s work and strategy. The parties entered into a frame-work agreement at the end of 2010, valid over a three year period. The agreement is geographically limited to Africa and the Middle East. The target groups are service providers to the arts- and creative sectors. The purpose of the agreement is to strengthen structures through organization, information and advocacy, through platforms and mobility and through the development of creative economies.  

Mimeta will achieve this in particular through organizing the culture practitioners’ move towards better living conditions by strengthening the sector locally, nationally and regionally, to improve mobility of artists through supporting the cultural networks in Africa and the Middle East, to improve platforms’ resources and strengthen artistic representation at major events, and foster cooperation between culture and the business sector.

Mimeta sees this agreement as a solid recognition of our past efforts and support to a focus on partnering with successful culture managers to make results in improving “the living condition of the arts”. Mimeta will continue contributing to development, to human rights and democracy and to the eradication of poverty.

AuthorCato Litangen