The ACT Development Programme, funded by Nedbank Arts Affinity, is open for applications on an ongoing basis.
The current funding cycle comes to a close on 31 January 2012. Applicants are encouraged to visit the Arts & Culture Trust (ACT) website at to submit applications online. The outcome of applications submitted by the end of January will be announced on 15 March.

The funding cycles for 2012 are as follows:

- Cycle 1
01 February – 30 May 2012 with the final outcome being available by 25 June 2012

- Cycle 2
31 May – 30 September 2012 with the final outcome being available by 13 November 2012

- Cycle 3
01 October – 31 January 2013 with the final outcome being available by 15 March 2013

The Development Programme has been designed to enhance the continued development of arts and culture in South Africa and provides support for artistic excellence in creative production, professional development and training for the youth in the form of once-off grants.

Requests in support of the first phase of the creation of innovative, cutting edge new work are considered. Craft, Dance, Music, Theatre, Literature, Visual Art and New Media initiatives are eligible. New Media is limited to research and development related grants for new work and grants to supplement large production budgets for an existing film project will not be considered.

Applications for grants for development of creative practitioners, arts managers or professional arts organisations are also considered for support through the programme. Efforts that would develop technical skills related to creative production (especially in new technologies), arts administration and management, arts marketing, publicity and public relations, arts fundraising and short-term internships (at professional arts organisations in South Africa) will be considered for support.

The Development Programme is also aimed at youth development. Grants for training young people under the age of 25 are made available and Craft, Dance, Music, Theatre, Literature and Visual Art projects and programmes are invited to apply for support.

The Arts & Culture Trust (ACT) is South Africa’s premier independent arts funding and development agency. To received updates follow ACT on Twitter at!/actorgzaor like the Trust’s Facebook page at

AuthorCato Litangen