Published quarterly, "Zine El-Arab" is an independent uncensored Arabic zine largely dependent on visual contributions from the Arab World as well as some short writings. The Zine is printed on home printers and distributed casually in public places with the help of its contributors.

The first issue of Zine El-Arab is available for download at:

To contribute to the second issue of Zine El-Arab, due for publication in February, follow these instructions:

1. See attached image, and get inspired.

2. Contribution can be in the form of short comics, caricatures, graphic design works, or short writing.

3. Each page is a normal A4 or 21 x 29.7 cm.

4. Feel free to contribute with more than one page, but remember that the best words are short and to the point. That rule can be applied to illustration as well.

5. All contributions must be in Arabic or void of any language at all.

6. All contributions should be in stark black & white, without the use of grayscale, to enable for better photocopying qualities.

7. Deadline to receive all material is January 15, 2011

8. All contributions should be sent as high resolution JPGs or PDFs.

9. All contributions are to be emailed to Please be sure to mention your name and country of residence, unless you would like to remain anonymous.

10. Upon collection of all contributions, it will be placed within the zine's layout and all contributors are to receive it in PDF form with detailed printing and binding instructions.

11. The zine is a copy-left. Anyone is free to print and distribute as they please. Re-use of any artist's work in a different context is only possible if permission is obtained from the artist in question.

Ganzeer uses visual arts such as graphic design, illustration, and video as means of expression and communication. Ganzeer's interests include, but are not limited to, commentary on the human condition and what's next to come.
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AuthorCato Litangen