The Maasai Brand was set up in 2003 to empower women in the Talek region of the Masai Mara, and to maintain the handicraft traditions of the famous Masai bead works. Mimeta got involved in the initiative by engaging Norwegian designer Cecilie Melli to increase sales. Now you can buy the bracelet that came out of the collaboration.

Cecilie Melli with Jemima and Nancy from The Maasai Brand.

All products are based on traditional designs, with a modern twist. The pieces are handmade with traditional beads, recycled thread and scrap metal. The Maasai Brand works with high quality standards and has managed to set up an export scheme by having the women developing styles that appeal to the Scandinavian market.

Today 118 women work for the initiative and free trade agreement ensures that 75% of the sales price goes back to the crafters. Typically the crafters earnings are used to improve housing and health care, and for children’s schooling and clothing. Some of the women in the initiative now have higher income than the men in their communities.

There are hundreds of deprived Masai women wanting to be included in Basecamp Explorers community project. In order to make that happen, the Maasai Brand need to increase sales.

Mimeta got involved in the project by engaging Norwegian designer Cecilie Melli. Cecilie collaborated with BMB in further developing products targeting the Scandinavian market by having workshops for the BMB mamas. Now the products that came out of the workshops have hit the shops. For more info on the wrap around bracelet or to place an order please send us en email.

This cool wrap around bracelet can now be yours!

AuthorCato Litangen