Post-revolution Tunisia suffers from a temporary but genuine disaffection from tourists, and yet tourism is one of the country’s main economic resources.

The Tunisian tourism product is essentially based on sea resorts and discounted holiday packages. It is therefore vital to diversify it by devising a new event-based policy. Against the backdrop of growing social unrest due to the high unemployment rate, it is crucial to foster investment to help the population.

Mimeta has partnered with the “Pop in” association who aims to create cultural and leisure events to facilitate exchanges between Tunisia and the rest of the world. By introducing the Pop in Djerba festival, the association aims to contribute to the youthful drive to live life to the full, towards more freedom and towards a will to push back boundaries. The festival will contribute to revamping Tunisia’s image as modern, dynamic, positive, innovative and open to the world. The festival offers all sorts of music: local, national and international bands will be showcased in Djerba from 27th August to 2nd September.

“Pop in Djerba” is about providing an event for the people but it is also referring to the “popping” sound of a sudden expansion outwards.

AuthorCato Litangen