Istanbul Bilgi University (kpy Centre for Cultural Policy and Management) and the European Cultural Foundation are publishing a series of academic yearbooks on contemporary issues of cultural management and cultural policy development in Turkey – with a special focus on Turkey’s relation to the neighboring EU and Balkan countries, Eastern Europe and the Caucasus as well as the Arab world. For the forthcoming edition they are requesting the submission of abstracts for academic papers or book reviews in any field of cultural policy or management research.

Founded in 2008, the Cultural Policy and Management Yearbook will be an academic/professional journal addressing cultural policy and cultural management issues. The goal of the Yearbook is to promote a new understanding towards cultural policy issues in Turkey, paying more attention to more inclusive and participatory approaches which take cultural diversity of the country into account. In addition it will also include the recent developments of the cultural sector in Turkey and throughout the world and its contribution to the cultural management. It aims to build on the resources of the Cultural Policy and Management (KPY)

The cultural policy and management unit is created within the Cultural Management Department of the Istanbul Bilgi University (an institutional member of ENCATC) and its partners such as European Cultural Foundation (Amsterdam); Boekmanstichting (Amsterdam) and Anadolu Kültür (Istanbul). KPY encourages an international and interdisciplinary approach to cultural management and policy theory and practice embracing social, political, philosophical, cultural, architectural, legal studies and the arts.

Each edition will have a “Dossier” attributed to a special theme of cultural policy related issue, which will be announced with an open call for papers; also miscellaneous articles will be commissioned and/or translated. The Yearbook also spotlights developments in the practice of cultural policy and management through original interviews with leading national/international cultural policy and management theorists and practitioners, and will also publish conference extracts, book reviews. There will be a special section concerned with the latest developments of local cultural policy making in the cities. It will be finalised by the latest headlines and relevant updates of the Turkish legislation.

The Yearbook is planned to be published both in English and Turkish, and will be distributed with the contribution of Boekmanstichting throughout Europe. The Yearbook issues an Open Call for Papers and aims to produce one issue per annum.

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AuthorHege Aasgaard