Since our inception in 2008, Mimeta has been organized as a limited company with charitable statutes. 1st April 2016, the executive director of Mimeta, Cato Litangen, acquired all the company shares from Strømme Foundation and Vest-Agder Fylkeskommune (county council). As part of this change, Mimeta will move main office to Arendal, Norway, and there will be a new Board of Directors, headed by Mr. Pål C. Cristensen (lawyer). Mr. Anders Holm (civil engineer) and Marianne Woie (senior teacher) will take positions as members to the board. It will be extended by 4 members within short term.  

Mimeta will continue within existing mission and main strategy, and build further upon a well established international network. Our work for culture sector development, access to free arts and cultural participation - is based in universal human rights. 



AuthorCato Litangen