At a time when Mali lives an unprecedented political and identity crisis, we need more than ever to promote some of our values to get out of this abyss created by this situation. Today more than ever, Malians need to gather around what unites them. Today more than ever, the sons of this country must talk to each other, understand each other, and forgive each other. Because, dialogue is the best way to peace. Yes, dialogue to appease hearts; dialogue to learn from the past; dialogue to know and recognize each other; dialogue to accept each other despite our differences; dialogue to define the basic elements that will form the basis of the new Mali; dialogue to promote cultural diversity. Mali is characterized by the wealth of its artistic and cultural expressions. From Kidal to Kayes, each population has its particularity. And it is this mosaic that has always made the charm of this country.

AuthorHege Aasgaard

The war has got an impact on major events such as the Festival sur le Niger and the Festival au Désert. The Festival sur le Niger have been reduced for a special edition, without music and other festive activities, because... of the state of emergency in the country. For the special edition, we will have an International Symposium on the theme "Culture and Governance", Workshops and Master Class on the theme: "Peace and Social Cohesion", etc. The Festival au Désert have been cancelled for 2013, unfortunately. Generally, activities are in a slow motion.

AuthorC Litangen