The Abbara program is a comprehensive regional initiative, started in 2011, to build capacity in the independent cultural sector during the transitional period by offering multiple forms of support to selected organizations. In this way they can play a pivotal role in disseminating the values of freedom, appreciation for artistic creativity, critical thought and the acceptance of diversity, as well as be more enabled to perform their principle function as providers of cultural and artistic services to broad segments of society.

Organizations selected to take part in the program receive a package of diverse services geared to meet the individual needs of each organization over the course of two years. The package includes a grant to support administrative and organizational infrastructure development, training workshops in cultural management, technical support and legal consulting, fundraising, marketing, creating websites, or developing organizational, administrative and financial structures. Abbara also provides incubation for small groups that have not yet crystallized administratively, networking services between participant organizations, and an exchange program for cultural managers within the Arab world and abroad.

AuthorCato Litangen