Beautiful and fascinating contemporary photographs by the Ethiopian photographer Aïda Muluneh toured schools in Vest-Agder County for the Cultural Rucksack program. The exhibition presented a poetic and reflective look at the photographer's home country. The focus on people in their immediate environment evoked many interesting and thought-provoking interpretations. The photographs show no sign of stereotypical or socially critical media images, but expresses simple and subtle images of universal character. The exhibition gave students a positive meeting with an international photographer and artist.

The goal was to give students a balanced picture of Africa: Affiliation, cultural experience, insight and transparency within a multicultural context. What creates identity? How do we encounter other cultures?

The photographs are taken from the exhibition Ethiopia: Past/Forward. The exhibition consisted of six photographs and has so far visited 41 schools and been viewed by 6362 students.

AuthorCato Litangen