KYA is a network of Malian cultural actors working to promote cultural industries. It´s a platform where people can reflect upon and analyze the challenges of culture and culture-related matters in Mali and in Africa in general. The mission is according to KYA achieved through training, exchange, information, advocacy, lobbying and a qualititive art practice positioning culture as a vector of development and job creation.

KYA´s work has helped uniting cultural organizations from various fields, creating synergy effects with the emergence of a small cultural civil society to make significant changes in arts and culture in Mali.

In 2013 the KYA Network has implemented relevant actions  that have contributed to boost artists and cultural actors in Mali during a difficult time in the country. One of the main projects has been creating a series of talks and debates on dialogue and cultural diversity ”Action and a vision to build the Future”. The first conference was organized in Bamako in April and addressed youth, intellectuals, civil society and cultural actors. Recommendations from the debate was delivered to the Dialogue and Reconciliation Commission and the Ministry of Culture.

Other KYA activities in the past year has been preparing for Troc´Art, a major project to structure the sector of visual arts and provide opportunities for visual artists; organized workshops gathering artists from the north and the south on themes of peace, national unity, social cohesion and national reconciliation. Typical issues after the crisis Mali faced recently. A directory of Malian cultural organizations was published in order to encourage collaborations, consumption and as a tool for promotion.

Foundation Festival sur le Niger
The foundationis focusing on development and culture through the promotion and valorization of artistic and cultural expressions.  The organizations main focus is visual arts, performing arts, heritage and training. Each year the foundation organizes the successful Festival sur le Niger in Segou.

Association Acte Sept
A theatre association aiming to promote Malian culture and encouraging the development of its members through artistic and cultural activities.

Centre Soleil d’Afrique
A visual arts center created to provide young Malian artists a framework stimulating the autonomy of ideas in the visual arts in Mali. The center also facilitates the exchange between the Malian artists and artists from the sub-region (West Africa), and other countries in Africa, Asia, Europe and America.

A Malian cultural association that is involved in the publishing of children's literature and comics. Balani´s is also working in the field of music and visual arts.

Association Cultur’elles
A women's association organizing performances, exhibitions and fashion shows.

Centre Anw-Ko’Art
An art center promoting visual arts through art workshops, exhibitions, artistic exchanges and consultations.

Festival in the Désert
The Festival in the Désert is a musical and cultural event that takes place every year in Essakane (Timbuktu) for the promotion and development of culture in Mali, including the cultures of northern Mali.

Kora Films
Producing, directing, training and organizing events within the film industry.

Balanzan Pixel (Harandane Dicko)
Promotion of art through development of art photography and photo exhibitions.

Association SMARTS Ségou
The association is promoting local handicraft products, like woven cloths, bogolan and other arts objects. Organizes the “Night Woven Loincloth” – a fashion show of craft. 

Tamasonghoi Festival
Organize a festival of Tamasheq, Arabic and Songhai cultures, craft exhibitions, theater and camel races.

La Sahélienne editions
A publishing house focusing on literature in national languages. It operates in the field of general literature collections, essays, documents and youth literature in French, and creation of manuals and brochures.

Cercle des Amis de Amadou Hampaté BÂ & Culture
An association dedicated to promoting culture and tourism in Mali, through organizing lectures, debates, cultural and tourist excursions and cultural events.

GIE Agence Contact
An accounting agency focusing on topics such as the economics of culture, art and cultural markets. 

Association des Femmes Artisanes de Tissage Traditionnel (AFATT)
AFATT is a women´s center organizing training and production of spinning, weaving and dyeing fabrics and crafts.

Festival International des cauris du Mandé (FESCAURI)
Runs an artistic and cultural event organized around the cowries, which has a highly symbolic value in the culture of Mali and especially in the Mandingo culture.

Festival des Masques et Marionnettes de Markala
A festival promoting and showcasing masks and puppets.  At the event there is sculptures, the making of masks and puppets, games, dance and music.

Association Kolomba
An association for development of art through song, dance, theater, storytelling, poetry and literature. The association also works to promote Malian and African crafts and organizes the International Female Festival (Voices of Bamako).


AuthorCato Litangen