Thala True Theatre Association was initially developed as a theatre movement and was known under the name "Thala Group for Performing and Scenic Arts" before it was given its legal status on April 23, 2013. The Association has a group of human rights activists, artists and educators. It seeks to turn the cultural, social and political reality for the better. It believes that art is the best way to achieve this change by using the theater as a channel toconvey their ideas.

The Association did a lot of activities and organized demonstrations in favor of culturally, politically and socially marginalized groups in society such as Artist demonstration, Graffiti Creators, demonstration of marginalized writer. The Association is characterized by being the only cultural and artistic Association in the city of Thala, so it aims to build a cultured society in Thala and the surrounding villages, and it believes that art, in general, and theater, in particular, are emotional and social necessity.

AuthorCato Litangen