Paris - Santiago CrookerAsociación Pro Arte y Cultura (APAC) is a non-profit organization set up in 1998 to encourage cultural activity in the eastern region of Bolivia. APAC is contributing to a better society with greater social inclusion through theatre activities for children. This work has resulted in The International Festival “Santa Cruz de la Sierra” that occurs every two years and is now Bolivia’s largest theatrical event and was declared Bolivian national patrimonies by law in 2000.

Under the slogan “Multiple Viewpoints”, the International Theatre Festival is intended to bring the theatre to the people, taking this scenic art form to the humblest city neighborhoods to the outermost provinces of Santa Cruz Department.

The work of the International Festival Theater has led to the forming of a new generations of professionals in the region, who are involved in the performing arts as writers, scenographers, directors, actors, dancers, choreographers, singers, filmmakers, video producers, television producers, light and technical programmers, sound technicians and others. This is the “National School of Theatre”, launched in the “Plan 3000” neighborhoods of Santa Cruz and working with the goal of using theatre as a vehicle for young people and children to form and articulate a new expression of ideas.

This festival also has been a window for nationally known Bolivian theatre actors, who are part of the platform for expanding the best of Bolivian theatre, and in so doing providing an opportunity for young actors to display their art throughout the nation and at international theatre festivals as well.

All these actions promote a true theatrical and artistic movement in the Santa Cruz area that can spark an important flow of jobs for young people and an awareness of their innate membership and social inclusion in a Bolivia that has been marked over the last years by intercultural conflicts and strife, increased marginalization of groups like the Chiquitano, and an unchecked insurgent social mobility that was wrought havoc. Theatre is a proven balm for these woes.

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