Is it possible to to preserve the lighthouse at Ilha de Goa - localized just outside the former capital Ilha de Mocambique - by generating income from its visitors? A feasibility study finalized last year concludes that the chances are there. But before turning this into sustainable value chain, you need to invest in the full restoration of this proud lighthouse.

Mimeta has been involved in the coordination of a feasibility study for alternative use and restoring of Ilha de Goa Light House in Mocambique, and thus preserve it as part of the country’s heritage.
It also investigated the opportunities for use of the light-house station and the island to the benefit of the tourism industry and local communities of Ilha de Moçambique. The study has further set conditions for the establishment of a more permanent co-operation between the local institutions responsible for Ilha de Goa and the Norwegian Light-house Museum. Mimeta is involved in the project by one of its' owners, Vest-Agder County, Norway.

AuthorCato Litangen