Nairobi – Stockholm: city evolution and identity is a project that through debates, seminars, exhibitions and collaborations with artists and architects will raise the question on how culture can make a difference in city planning.

Visit from Nairobi to Stockholm

James Muriuki and Monica Pourshahidi on the Museum of Architecture

James Muriuki, a photographer from Nairobi, is visiting Stockholm. He’s here to meet artists from Sweden, The Museum of Architecture, The Cultural House and many more… James visit is part of the preproduction work that will intensify during the summer and fall of 2012.

During the weekend we have been talking about the similarities and differences between the two cities. What does it mean that it was forbidden for a Kenyan to live in the city of Nairobi until the liberation 1963? And, this in a country which colonial history overshadows the long and rich history of the country, which hardly is documented or taught in schools.

James belongs to the first generation that is born and breed in Nairobi and this is perhaps why he and many of his fellow artists from Nairobi often expresses themes of identity, history and belonging in their work.



AuthorCato Litangen