DOEN Foundation and Strømme (through Mimeta) both work on the objective of strengthening of the cultural sector in Africa. This is done mainly through financing institutions, projects and networks. One of the initiatives both funds are involved in is The Arterial, a network of African cultural operators and European donors, aiming to give a push to the development of the cultural sector by implementing projects according to 8 priority areas.

In the framework of these priorities, one of which is increasing the financial means for the cultural sector, and inspired by their strong involvement and experience within microfinance and culture, DOEN and Strømme have taken the initiative to research the possibilities of generating financing for the cultural sector through other instruments than subsidies, in this case microloans for artists and arts organisations. Given the continued shortage of finance for the cultural sector and the relatively small number of organisations that provide funding in terms of subsidies, Strømme and DOEN fond it worthwhile to research the possibilities of a more revolving finance mechanism for culture. This project is still in its' pilot phase - and executed in Mali. 

AuthorCato Litangen