For the period 2010-2011 we welcome proposals from prospective partners until 15th September 2010. Please also consider our strategic approch (we partner the service providers to the arts and culture sectors) as a strong guidance - in addition to the following priorities.  

1) Democratization: Foster improvement in structures and the organizing of the arts sector:

a) How to improve culture sectors´ position, professionally, politically and marketwise?

b) How to organize the culture practitioners’ move towards better living conditions?           

2) Mobility: Foster intercultural cooperation of the arts sector:

a) How to improve mobility of artists and works locally, regionally and internationally?

b) How to improve platforms’ resources and strengthen artistic representation at major events?

3) Creativity and Economy: Foster cooperation between culture and the business sector:

a) How to establish co-operational bodies etc to get the culture and the business sectors to work togheter in order to boost the potential of the crative economy?

b) How to use art and cultural heritage as attractions in tourism and utilize tourism as income generator for art and cultural heritage?

AuthorCato Litangen