Bayimba Cultural Foundation, together with its partners in the East African region, has put
tremendous efforts in contributing to the development of the creative industry. Bayimba has
established lasting partnerships and stimulated an increased demand for creative goods and services from East Africa, amongst others by the recent set‐up of a performing arts touring circuit in the region, an initiative funded by Mimeta through Busara Promotion in Tanzania.

Bayimba Cultural Foundation is currently partnering with Mimeta and Un‐Convention to organize a
week‐long event in Jinja/Uganda in May 2012 (in connection with the Bayimba Regional Festival of the Arts) to give a boost to the creative industry in the East African region, most notably the music industry. The events under planning provide an excellent basis to further develop the market for East African creative goods and services. It is proposed to seize this unprecedented opportunity and launch DOADOA, as the East African Performing Arts Market initiative.

DOADOA is proposed as a multi‐day event – to gradually mature into a regular annual event that will move from one country to the other – providing a platform for professional networking and joint learning. Bayimba aim to bring together various stakeholders and link people, organizations and businesses, knowledge and technology with a view to create demand and develop a market for the performing arts and unlock the potential of the East African creative industry, making it an important factor for economic, social and cultural development throughout the region.

The presence of international experts, trainers and festival scouts provides an additional dimension to DOADOA and will facilitate the promotion of the East African music industry beyond its confined borders.

AuthorCato Litangen