Mimeta received this manifesto from KYA, our partner in Mali.

For several weeks, many areas of our beloved country, Mali, are occupied by the forces of the MNLA, Ansar ad-Din, AQIM and other armed movements.

These forces of occupation have created conditions for a profound destabilization of the Malian nation and its various components.

We are extremely concerned about the crisis we face, particularly the humanitarian tragedy experienced by the displaced people and refugees, widows and orphans. The best and potential resources of a country is its men and women, its wealth of all kinds as well as peace and security without which there is no sustainable development and democracy.

On behalf of the heritage of Mali patiently built throughout millennia and centuries. On behalf of Tuareg scholars, heirs of Es Souk sites! On behalf of empire builders, scientists and writers, Mandings explorers! On behalf of social categories that have animated the rites, rituals and customs! On behalf of the contractors who built the Savannah pre-colonial economies and market cities! On behalf of social groups who made production systems! On behalf of Donzos hunters who founded the villages and traditions of defence! On behalf of artists and craftsmen of the past, memory of men who built the historical chronicles and literary traditions! On behalf of the traditions of military and intellectual resistance that we have developed over the centuries, every time our area was threatened! On behalf of the social tissue that seemed so well woven and parenthood built by 52 years of attendance in the Republic! On behalf of our contemporaries, all of you who have added to these tangible and intangible heritages!

We say to the occupation forces that the heart of Mali beats in each of its children! The heart of Mali beats in all of us! That armed groups beware! They should fear the response of the armed forces combined with the internal resistance!

We say to the occupation forces to take care to the heritages.

The heritage, they are common property, tangible and intangible, that belong to all and that the entire community has inherited. Heritage are the manuscripts that make the singularity and pride in Timbuktu, Mali and Africa, they are the tombstones and mausoleums, houses and ancient streets, all built structures of the ancient cities, historic sites and cultural, all knowledge. Heritage is also what is being built at present and for future generations, bears the mark of cultural constructions. Heritage, these are all goods and cultural products, recent or ongoing construction by the writers, creators and contemporary visionaries.

The heritage, these are the social charters and policies that link communities, just like Kurukanfuga. These charters found social relations and relations between communities. Intangible and elusive traces, they

found civility, peace and understanding between individuals, between groups, between neighbours, between different people.

Heritage, these are all markers of identity, more recent, that are the monuments, cultural sites and human monuments. In this respect we raise a vigorous protest against the damage experienced by the monument of Gina Dogon in Douentza, the monument Alfarouk and mausoleums of saints in Timbuktu. The Republic of Mali is secular. We strongly condemn any attack on cultural diversity, diversity of worship and call for respect of all heritages, inclusively. The Movement Malivaleurs, the Malian Coalition for Cultural Diversity, the Collective of writers gathered in PEN-Mali, all cultural activists joined the Medina and Balani’s to issue this invitation to MNLA, Ansar ad-Din, AQIM and other armed movements so that they respect all these heritages that belong to all humanity.

From this moment, we make all armed groups accountable for crimes and violations of rights! We make them responsible for all violations of heritage! For from this day we constitute a civil action against all armed movements, their instigators and their identified members. We invite the lawyers in Mali and all countries to support us in this fight.

It is in these heritages that the nation will rely on to try to engage dialogue. First and foremost the dialogue! In the name of reason, wisdom and intelligence! Because of the overwhelming majority of Tuareg and Arab populations who bear the Republic in their heart and who have not accepted the partition! The Republic owes this to those in northern Mali involved for over 50 years to the creation of national wealth! The Republic owes this to the various workers, intellectuals, executive staffs and state officials from nomadic communities who live on the soil of Mali! Or had to go abroad! On behalf of the Republicans, we need to talk rather than to resort to arms, trying to heal the wounds, in a word rebuild our country damaged and bruised.

This is an appeal to reason! And if the dialogue is exhausted, then we will refer to the response! We will call to resistance!

Bamako, May 4, 2012

AuthorCato Litangen