To change the status quo of arts and culture in Uganda, Bayimba have been starting the process of gathering the creative and cultural community with the aim of creating a regular platform for joint discussion and action. After two successful Ugandan Conferences on Arts and Culture were organized in 2010 and 2011, the 2012 focus was giving adequate follow-op to recommendations from these two conferences.

As part of its effort to build an effective local network for the cultural and creative community in Uganda, Bayimba organized eight stakeholder meetings at sub-sector level that were attended by up to 60 sector stakeholders. Also, a first upcountry mapping exercise of creative sector stakeholders, in the region of Northern Uganda, was carried out. After months of work “Culture Unlimited (Uganda)” was born as the new local umbrella network.

Further mapping exercises will follow, the results of which will lay the necessary foundation for a planned countrywide advocacy and lobby network.


AuthorCato Litangen