In 2013, Ettijahat launched the first course of the project that contributed to 11 researches that deeply touch important topics being currently experienced in Syria have been produced. The organization aspires to develop the project and initiate a second course that will provide support for a generation of young researchers and lay the foundation stone and core of a cultural research center that attracts young people and enhance their abilities and contributions in achieving cultural, social and political change in Syria.

The project focuses on current topics of cultural research which are closely relevant to the situation currently prevailing in Syria, and the apparent change in the cultural influencers and Syrian artists` perspectives of their relation with the society and the transformations it witnesses, eventually resulting in an anticipate change in the role of culture and arts in the upcoming period in Syria.

The first course of the project has achieved the desired objectives from the program, where Ettijahat provided financial, technical and scientific support for 11 researchers who were fully committed to the project despite the difficult circumstances currently prevailing in Syria. Those young researchers have completed researches closely relevant to the radical transformations currently taking place in Syria through addressing present-day and urgent topics, like inspecting the obstacles facing the process of building democracy in Syria in light of current crisis, or the culture of traditional architecture and its role in the reconstruction phase in Syria.

Moreover, the organization has developed a training guide and designed a training curriculum for the researchers to be published at a later stage in order to achieve more comprehensive benefits from the project.


AuthorCato Litangen