Zakharef in Motion is an annual dance encounter of international, regional and local dance performances and workshops that was launched in Amman, Jordan in April 2007 by ZAKHAREF in Motion Establishment. The festival is held in collaboration with many embassies, cultural institutions, government bodies and private sector, it is a nonprofit platform.

Our hope is that this process by time would be directly reflected unto the artistic, cultural, and social life in Jordan, motivating, encouraging and developing such art form in a positive and progressive way, therefore boosting our identity and presence in the global performing arts scene.

Festival Message :

The message of the festival is that of expression, creative energy and cultural dialogue: it is a celebration of originality. It is a celebration because of the vibe and energy the diverse athletic dancers bring to the event and the audience's enthusiasm and support of that creative and unique energy. It is the spirit of all those international dancers that travels all oceans to express its existence, emotions and to connect.

Mimeta supported the Dewan discussions Zakharef to help Establish the relevance of performing arts in contributing to the broader political -economy environment that is rapidly changing in the Arab World. 

a.     Create a platform (or safe space) for performing artists from different parts of the Arab world to share experiences and reflect on lessons learned and strengthening their independent platforms.

b.     Build a shared vision and strategy (action items) to build a movement that would create opportunities for performing artists linked to better engagement with the community, while protecting their individual authentic voice.


AuthorCato Litangen