Tunisian Federation for Film Societies was founded in Tunisia in 1950 by a group of educated young people who are fond of cinema. They aimed to create an atmosphere contributing to build film culture where people could learn the dialogueculture, exercise of citizenship, and uphold all the principles of humanitarian entity. 

Tunisian Federation for Film Societies had achieved its remarkable recovery after independence and spread in many parts of Tunisia; and received overwhelming response from various community categories. However, theflourished period of cinema achieved in the seventies and eighties had been moved back due to force of circumstances. Despite this, love of cinema still exists; it still has a beatingheart just enough to stay alive. In light of the revolutionary movement witnessed in Tunisia, since January 2011, and due to the efforts of a group of young people who believe groupwork is a pillar of the community, and due to their desire tocross Tunisian minds to increase the aesthetic sense and to push for the Cultural Revolution, Tunisian Federation for Film Societies regained its active role in cultural movement and intellectual sparring through breathing new life into the various clubs in the country and the establishment of new clubs in the inland areas and in the popular neighborhoods adjacent to the major cities.

Cinema clubs contribute to raise people’s awareness of their daily issues and enable the involved ones to make analysis and criticism, and create filmdistribution channels instead of classic channels. Tunisian Federation is not only limited to carry out film programmingand encourage debates, but also create national forums, organize film demonstrations to support the liberation movements in the world, generate film discussions in various sessions of the Carthage Film Festival, and even it has its own international festival "Cinema for peace".

AuthorCato Litangen