Mash’hed Cultural Association is located at Gafsa Governorate in south-western Tunisia. It aims to develop the capabilities of young men and women in the cultural and artistic field, broaden their experiences, establish direct communication between them and all the components of the development organizations at home and abroad, open culturalfield which supports learning tools and develops skills in order to promote and strengthen the effective practices in society, and create cultural and artistic atmosphere and supports popular media.

During a period of two years and half since the Association was founded, many cultural and artistic projects were carried out. The Association focused on environmental education in an atmosphere polluted by phosphate mines. It also established a partnership with the French City of Nantes and with CEMEA Organization and committed training exchange of young men and women between the two countries in order to train them on volunteer work and develop their skills in theeducational animation methods.

The Association succeeded in partially establishing a Center for Arts and Digital Expression that includes clubs in the fields of interactive theater, music, electronic journalism, and open source software. This cultural field, being in a popular area, aims to attract young people, develop their skills, and simulate their interests and focus on self-regulation mentality. It also was able to organize the first session of Momken arts and expression Festival which included the various expressive and artistic works of the youth of the popular neighborhoods.


AuthorCato Litangen