The Tunisian Digital Expression Association was officially founded in September 2011 in an attempt to contribute to the support of the independent cultural work in Tunisia. Expression Association combines pure artistic expressions and culture of citizenship as a field work seeking to change.

This leads Expression to seek to open fields of common thinking on social, cultural and educational domains in terms of Art background by using of new digital tools. 

The main activity of Expression is based on the configuration and training, encouraging the production of Digital Contents, establishing direct communication between Art Groups and activists, and organizing cultural events. Expression believesthat the most appropriate way to build cohesive group relations and establish successful cultural institutions is theneed for effective and professional cultural managementwhich is able to ensure continuity. Therefore, Expression is seeking to develop its administrative abilities in parallel with developing their creative projects. Expression helps young activists in the independent cultural and artistic fields by providing some simple services. These services may be given in return for a minor financial contribution to help coveringthe daily costs.

AuthorCato Litangen