Mimeta has partnered with Nhimbe in organizing a festival policy dialogue seminar at the Harare International Festival for the Arts (HIFA) in Harare, Zimbabwe, 1st – 6th May 2012.

Festivals provide excellent opportunities for policy dialogue among educators, practitioners, civil society on the significance of the national cultural policy, UNESCO Conventions and other international standard setting instruments in the field of culture that Zimbabwe has ratified – and how they impact on festivals and the work of artists at festivals.
The Festival Policy Dialogue Seminars are aimed at exploring and enhancing the role of festivals as effective advocacy platforms and tools for policy reforms or implementation.

Nhimbe will partner with Pamberi Trust. Nhimbe bringing expertises on policy research, analysis and advocacy; while Pamberi will bring expertise on hosting and sustaining round-table public discussion and dialogue platforms on arts and human rights.


Day 1: Status of the artist: Have national cultural policies of the SADC taken into consideration the 1980 UNESCO Recommendation concerning the Status of the Artist and related international instruments such as the Convention on the Protection and Promotion of the Diversity of Cultural Expression?

Presented by: Stephen Chifunyise
Moderator: Dudu Manhenga/Virginia Phiri/Barbra Nkala

Day 2: Creative industries: Policies required facilitating the creation and promotion of viable creative industries in the SADC. Response to an appreciation of the Pan-African Creative African Dialogue for Cultural and Creative Industries Development Strategy and Road Map. Are there policies and strategies in the SADC on creative/cultural industries or Challenges being faced in the development of viable creative/cultural industries in the SADC?
Presented by: Professor Herbert Chimhundu/Professor Lupwishi Mbuyamba
Moderator: Ignatius Mabasa 

Day 3: Mobility Matters: Are there challenges to the mobility of artists in SADC and what should be done to meet the expectation of the SADC Charter and the SADC Protocol on Culture, Information and Sport and African Cultural Charter?
Presented by: Farai Mpfunya
Moderator: Saimon Mambazo Phiri 


AuthorCato Litangen