Mimeta partners with ISHYO Arts Centre, Rwanda

In 2005, eight Rwandese women, artists and art lovers, set up a non-profit organization with an ambitious goal: “Culture available for everyone”.  ISHYO was born.

They established a new “instrument” of active cultural development to emphasize the cultural significance of Rwandan traditional and contemporary patrimony at the national and international level.

ISHYO Arts Centre promotes art and culture within the scope of national competence. One of its main priorities is to develop and support innovative programs, trainings, artists and projects on a national, regional and international level. To achieve this, ISHYO invests in projects which develop new methods of fostering cultural heritage and tap into the cultural and artistic potential of knowledge required for addressing social issues. ISHYO also focuses on cultural exchange, networking and cross-border cooperation by initiating projects of its own and by supporting project proposals in all areas of the arts with no stipulations as to theme or subject.

Mimeta will be funding the following:

Ejo Dance Centre which is an archive centre dedicated to the African Dance History. Conducting research, interviews, filming, photography and writing of dance movements are the main activities of the project. Ejo Dance is hosted and leaded by ISHYO, which ambition is to develop the first online dance centre dedicated to African traditional and contemporary dances.

The 3B Project. The 3B Project’s main goals are to bring back culture into the heart of the human development process, facilitate the access to culture for everyone and promote respect, action, knowledge and acknowledgement of cultural diversity as a positive force to support the development of dialogue, mutual understanding, social stability, and the rebuilding of Rwanda, and empower the cultural sector and develop actors skills.

AuthorCato Litangen