That culture plays an important part in the development of society goes without saying. Yet it often seems to be left in the wake of other sectors. Who should be primarily responsible for cultural life – the state or civil society? How can we bring the Business Sector and the Cultural Sector closer together?

Following the GoDown’s first Creative Economy meeting in 2009, it was recognized that an exclusive meeting with business people needed to be held, to give them greater understanding of the characteristics, opportunities and challenges of creative industries. A study of the local creative economy was therefore commissioned by the GoDown to be shared with the business community. 10 selected investors attended, together with representatives from the British Council and the Alliance Francaise, who separately and in collaboration with the GoDown, are interested in the development of Kenya’s creative economy. Artists from the music, visual arts and film spheres were also present, in addition to the Norwegian Ambassador, Swedish Embassy officials and representatives of Mimeta and the GoDown.

The meeting successfully achieved its main outcome, which was to gain the buy-in and commitment of the business representatives to continue discussions and exploration of setting up a business/arts structure beyond the meeting.

Go to our download section for three documents reflecting on this process and a brochure on sector mapping in Kenya, one from Joy Mboya of GoDown Arts Centre in Kenya and the other from Mimeta project leader who from each perspective reflect on the process, what has been done, what has been achieved and learning for further development.

AuthorCato Litangen