Sauti za Busara 2011Busara Promotions was set up as a cultural NGO in Zanzibar in 2003 and their main event is the annual music festival Sauti za Busara which is celebrating music from East Africa and beyond.

Sauti za Busara provides a platform for local musicians to experience music from other parts of the world, whilst introducing East African music to the visitors. In any society this kind of interchange is vital to the health and development of musical styles.

Sauti za Busara festival provides an example of an event designed to develop, in both locals and visitors, an appreciation of the uniqueness, wealth and diversity of music from the region. It shows there is a beauty in our traditional music, with employment and income to be gained in sustaining it.

Artistic and technical workshops and seminars have been a key element of Busara’s activity, aimed for musicians, media professionals, arts managers, technicians and cultural workers from the region. These workshops have helped to build knowledge and skills for the long-term cultural benefit of East Africa.

Busara has played an essential role in maintaining peace and stability in Zanzibar, through building intercultural understanding and respect. Furthermore, the festival brings a significant boost for the local economy. Government statistics show the number of visitors to Zanzibar in February has increased by more than 400% since 2003.

Mimeta have signed a contract with Busara Promotions for project support to the organizations focus on building regional and international networks. Busara Promotions will facilitate inter-regional networking and support the establishment of an East African network of musicians, venue managers and related professionals that continually strengthens and promotes the identity of regional music and provides frequent opportunities for information sharing, cross-fertilization and exposure to the “world music” stage.



AuthorCato Litangen