Kuona Trust is a non-profit registered Trust established in 1995 that has been in the forefront of developing the visual art scene in Kenya in the last 15 years. 

Kuona now has a highly successful art centre that is open to the public 7days a week; providing studios space, workshops, a resource centre, educational programmes, outreach projects and exhibitions from a busy location in Hurlingham. It is an efficient, professional, transparent, accountable and experienced organisation that has supported the extended artistic community in Kenya and abroad by providing 15 years of skills, networking and service to a loyal following of artists and the public as a meeting place and hub of creativity, education and inspiration.  Mimeta is funding a project aimed at increasing awareness and appreciation of contemporary Kenyan artists and art.

The Kuona Trust will run a full calendar of art events and provide good publicity to increase its regular audience of over 70 people a week, 100 to each exhibition opening and 250 to each open day. Kuona will increase its marketing and publicity campaign with the help of pro-bono assistance from art lovers who specialise in these fields.  To provide better visitor care, improve the look of the art centre, bring in more media, and launch a campaign to attract more visitors, tourists and the local public.

During artist led projects, artists will benefit their local communities, learn new art-making skills, alter their environment and bring new communities to visit Kuona. At least 48 schools visits and workshops, 5 corporate team building workshops, 1 fundraising art raffle, 2 public open days, 12 exhibitions, artist presentations and film showings will take place at Kuona over the next 2 years.

At least six disadvantaged communities will have benefited from new and exciting art making activities to help develop new skills for themselves, children and members of the public will attend the weekly art making activities through Kuona. Kuona is collaborating with the UK gallery Tate Modern on a school art exchange project with Riara, Hillcrest, Brookhouse, St Andrews Turi and St Aloysius schools in Kenya.

A brochure documenting the 15 year legacy of Kuona Trust will be produced in 2011 and a catalogue of the current series of exhibitions addressing social issues that affect Kenya will be produced in 2011 both will have a print run of at least 500.

AuthorCato Litangen