The mission of Bayimba Cultural Foundation is to uplift music and arts in Uganda and East Africa by promoting original cultural exchange and creativity, contributing to making Uganda and East Africa a significant hub for music and arts in Africa. To achieve its objectives, Bayimba Cultural Foundation organises a number of activities on an annual basis. The Bayimba International Festival of Music and Arts – of which the first edition was organized in June 2008 – is the most visible activity of the Foundation.

Mimeta will be supporting the 2nd Uganda Annual Conference on Arts and Culture 16th – 17th May 2011, aiming at developing strategies and approaches for enhanced support for and investments in systems and infrastructures necessary for the development of the Ugandan arts and cultural sector.

Mimeta will also be funding a Course in Cultural Economics to increase capabilities and competences of people involved in the governance of the cultural sector in Uganda from 4-14 April, 2011. The proposed project is designed to foster knowledge amongst stakeholders at local level, respecting the multidimensional aspects of governance of the cultural sector by making explicit the different logics of the public, private and non-profit sectors. At first, this will result in a better understanding of the key issues in the relationship between economy, culture and society and their development. Second it aims at nurturing the economic mindset of stakeholders involved, thus addressing the lack of systematic knowledge on how culture operates within the contemporary economy and nowadays society. Participants will develop their conceptual knowledge and learn how to apply the acquired knowledge and will be stimulated to draw on and contribute to practices in their countries.



AuthorCato Litangen