The KYA network is an association of cultural practitioners of Mali. It was established as an answer to several issues faced by the sector of culture in Mali through training, exchange, information, communication, advocacy and lobbying in order to engage a sustainable development of art and culture. The network is made up of professionals from various sectors of the Malian culture scene who wants to put their expertise and know-how at the service of the socioeconomic development of culture. Indeed, the actions planned by the network will allow the cultural contractors to better know their audience, to create mediation tools, to collect data in order to sensitize political practitioners and decision makers on the importance and the necessity to support culture for a sustainable development.

Mimeta will be supporting the following activities:

Participation to the Socioeconomic Development of Culture: Le KYA network will participate to the development of culture through its activities, while supporting local economy, facilitating the access to the market, contributing to the valorization and the development of artistic expressions.

Lobbying: The KYA network will create synergy effects between members, while stimulating exchanges between its representatives, but it will also constitute a means of pressuring the authorities for the defense of the interests of cultural actors.

Training and Exchange of Expertise: The KYA network will encourage the pooling of resources and expertise of its members as well as the training of cultural actors.

Proposal to the Government: The KYA network will prepare concrete proposals to be submitted to the government for the development of culture.

Communication: The KYA network will keep on improving the visibility and efficiency of associative action.

Conferences and Forum: The KYA network will organize colloquium and scientific, cultural and social seminars.



AuthorCato Litangen