Mimeta has signed a contract with Colombo Art Biennale (CAB).

CAB  is an organisation whose main focus is to bring attention to Sri Lankan art within the regional and international art community and to allow Sri Lanka, a country ravaged by 26 year armed conflict to rebuild itself. Sri Lanka is a place where art can be used as a powerful platform for forging meaningful cultural / art collaborations within the country as well as internationally.  A major focus of CAB is to bring attention to Sri Lankan contemporary artists and their work that thematically has an intense engagement with the Sri Lanka socio-political and cultural landscape.  By doing that CAB hopes to connect their art to a larger discourse of international audience where their art expressions get equal value within the global art community.

Colombo Art Biennale was first launched in September 2009 with the implementation of the   "Imagining Peace" event. Imagining Peace as a theme was carefully selected to provoke and promote artists to work under a challenging and common theme relevant to the countries immediate post conflict social and political status.  This first Colombo Art Biennale made a very large impact as a possible forum that could bring artist together transcending cultural, political and geographical differences. CAB 2009 also gave larger emphasis for local artists where limited international participation was included.  

For the second Colombo Art Biennale event (2012) the theme is ‘Becoming’, and the biennale is seen as a logical next step to a more ambitious event where increase participation of international artists will be attempted, but still the larger component will be local artists. The objectives are to continue to build and strengthen the platform from which Sri Lankan contemporary artists can be seen not only nationally but internationally. 

AuthorCato Litangen