At the Copenhagen Summit on Artistic Freedom of Expression, the undersigned organizations resolved that:

There is an urgent necessity to launch an international initiative to protect and promote freedom of artistic expression (in the visual arts, music, dance, film, writers, theatre etc.) with the goal of increasing awareness about violations of freedom of expression in the arts among artists and the arts sector, in the media, among political bodies, human rights and free speech organizations, as well as among the general public.

This initiative will:

  • serve as an  information exchange
  • monitor and analyse censorship in the arts worldwide with the goal of identifying trends and creating an understanding of the various mechanisms of censorship and persecution of artists for their creative work
  • publicly expose the persecution and censorship of artists
  • advocate in support of artistic freedom worldwide
  • hold governments accountable to their obligations under the relevant international conventions and national laws
  • direct artists in distress to existing information, funding and other resources for emergency and ongoing support  and facilitate their relationship with  relevant funders and defenders of human rights


Arterial Network

ECA - European Council of Artists

ECSA - European Composer and Songwriter Alliance

FERA – FEDERATION OF European Film directors (TBC)

FIA -International Federation of Actors



ICAF - International Committee for Artists’ Freedom

IETM - International Network for Contemporary Performing Arts

Index on Censorship  

PEN International    

NCAC – National Coalition Against Censorship (TBC)

AuthorCato Litangen