Nhimbe is a non-profit Arts Education organization, and a leader in Cultural Policy Research and Advocacy in Zimbabwe. The organization was founded in 2003 by Josh Nyapimbi.

Mimeta is funding Nhimbe to facilitate the formulation of a National Plan of Action for Arts and Culture Framework for Zimbabwe, which will guide and inform advocacy and lobbying on a new Cultural Policy and National Arts Council Act of Zimbabwe.

The CCS in Zimbabwe contends that an absence of a relevant National Strategic Plan on arts and culture, Cultural Policy and National Arts Council Act including weak NACZ structures and poorly equipped officials; repressive laws, human rights violations and polarization were arguably at the centre of the problems the arts and culture in Zimbabwe have suffered for the past decade. It is Nhimbe’s conviction that unless these fundamentals are addressed, it is difficult to put arts and culture on a real path of recovery. Through the NPAACFZ Project Nhimbe is positioned to provide further leadership, catalyzing and capacity building key members of the CCS in Zimbabwe to enable them to respond effectively to the human rights, democracy and governance challenges in the country especially during the transitional period. The NPAACFZ Project seeks to achieve self-regulation of CCSOs in Zimbabwe.

AuthorCato Litangen